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A downloadable game for Windows and Android

Game developed for the GMTK-game jam 2017

For us the essence of the theme is about how mechanics can have "unexpected natural consequences".

Like in the theme video: Shooting helps you to maneuver because of the knockback force from the gun. So it is not just a input with multiple effects, it is about a "natural consequence" well used in a game.

PIXEL FIXER is a survival game where you can destroy or enhance a pixel based on the current cycle.

  • In a "Red Cycle"  you have the power to destroy pixels. You can destroy the "pixel bombs" that will appear, but be careful to do not damage the screen!
  • In a "Green Cycle" you have the power to enhance pixels. You can fix a damaged pixel, but be careful to enhance a pixel bomb!

Each cycle last 5 'ticks'.

Random fact: A tick in this game is a simulation of a frame being rendered.

You lose when all the screen is destroyed (black);


- Game developed by Team GESH:

  • Sergio Javier Valderrama Vidaurre


Left click/Touch input

Minimum Android version: 4.0

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Published 5 days ago
PlatformsWindows, Android
AuthorTeam GESH
Tags2D, Pixel Art, Retro, Survival


PixelFixer-Windows-v0.1.rar (10 MB)
PixelFixer-Android-v0.1.rar (20 MB)

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